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  • TP1S Touch Probe


    The most basic Renishaw Touch probe, the TP1s is a vertical probe head with built in sensor. Can be used on manual CMMs for more simple measurements

    TP1s New – $3,470

    TP1s rebuilt – $2,250

  • TP2 Touch Probe


    The original Industry Standard for most CMM applications. Its compact dimensions are ideal for probing into restricted features. Works well with most probe heads and probe extensions.

    TP2 New: $3,800
    TP2 Rebuilt: $2,300
    Call 800-648-6944
  • TP20/ TP20 NI Touch Probe


    New Standard 2-piece Probe Sensor. Change stylus modules without requalification. For use with any M8 Probe Head. Direct replacement for old TP2 Probe. Several Stylus Module Force options available including Extensions

    Special Discount pricing !!

    • TP20 with 1 module   — $2,200
    • TP20 with 2 modules — $2,750
    • TP20 with 3 modules — $3,300

    *SEE TP20 UPGRADE PAGE FOR TRADE IN PRICING click here   Call 800-648-6944

  • TP200 / TP200B Touch Probe


    The TP200 or TP200B can be used on any M8 threaded probe head and has 2 magnetic stylus modules options. For the highest accuracy the TP200 Touch probe utilizes a strain gauge technology vs. the kinematic sensor of the TP20.

    •  TP200 with 1 Module  $4,325   (Save $406 over List)
    •  PI200-3 Interface   $805
    •  TP200 Modules  $705 ea
  • TP6 / TP6A Touch Probe


    The TP6 and TP6A offers a more robust probe option with the same repeatability of a TP2 or TP20. CMMs in harsher environments or with multiple users that are concerned about probe life may benefit from the TP6 durability.

    TP6 Touch probe: $3680 TP6A Touch Probe  $3810 Call 800-648-6944
  • TP7M/ TP7M EP Touch Probe


    The TP7M is a High Accuracy Touch probe with autojoint connection for varying environmental conditions. TP7M is for use with PH6M manual probe Head or PH10M motorized probe head which requires a Multiwire motorized probe cable    

    • TP7M Touch Probe         $5,615
    • TP7M EP Touch Probe   $6,965
    • PI7-3 Interface                 $1,160

    Call 800-648-6944