TP7M/ TP7M EP Touch Probe


The TP7M is a High Accuracy Touch probe with autojoint connection for varying environmental conditions. TP7M is for use with PH6M manual probe Head or PH10M motorized probe head which requires a Multiwire motorized probe cable    

  • TP7M Touch Probe         $5,615
  • TP7M EP Touch Probe   $6,965
  • PI7-3 Interface                 $1,160

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TP7 touch probe is a single piece sensor with a Strain Gauge trigger mechanism for higher accuracy and eliminating lobing effects. It is a highly durable autojoint connected sensor which takes an M4 Stylus.  The TP7M EP has even more enhanced 3D accuracy.

  • Sense Directions: 6-Way: +/- X, +/- Y,+/-Z
  • 2σ Uni-Directional Repeatability:
  • High Sensitivity 0.25 microns
  • Mid Sensitivity 0.25 Micron
  • Pre-Travel Variations:
  • High Sensitivity +/- 0.25 microns
  • Mid Sensitivity +/- 0.50 Microns
  • Trigger Force: XY Plane 2g.
    • Z Axis 15g
  • Overtravel Force: XY Plane 50g
    • Z Axis 300g
  • Stylus Overtravel: XY Plane 16°
    • + /- Z axis 5mm
  • Maximum PH10M Extension: 200mm
  • Mounting: Multiwired Autojoint
  • Suitable Interfaces:, PI7-3 Only
  • Stylus Thread Size: M4
  • Maximum Stylus Length: 150mm Steel
    180mm Carbon Fiber
  • Test Conditions: 50mm stylus @ 8mm/s
  • TP7M EP 3D accuracy ˂ 0.6μ