TP1S Touch Probe


The most basic Renishaw Touch probe, the TP1s is a vertical probe head with built in sensor. Can be used on manual CMMs for more simple measurements

TP1s New – $3,470

TP1s rebuilt – $2,250

TP1S / TP1SM Touch Probe

A robust and reliable vertical Probe Head & Touch probe combined. TP1 is especially suited for manual CMMs.

Repeatability is not as good as the TP2 and TP20 but is an economical option for “missing probe system” CMMs

Two versions -differing in plug socket orientations are available: TP1s-cable connects vertically TP1SM-cable connects horizontally.

  • Sense Directions: +/- X,Y,+Z
  • 2σ Uni-Directional Repeatability: 0.5 microns
  • Pre-Travel Variations: +/- 2.0 microns
  • Stylus Force Range: 10-50g
  • Stylus Overtravel:
    • XY Plane +/- 19.5 degrees
    • + Z Axis 8.5 mm @15g
    • 0 mm @ 50g
  • Suitable Interfaces: PI4, PI7, PI9, PI12
  • Stylus Thread Size: M3
  • Mounting Options: Shank to suit your CMM
  • Test Conditions: 31mm stylus @ 8mm/s with trigger force of 15g