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Renishaw MODUS™ CNC/DCC Measuring Software

Most CMMs manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s are well made, sturdy machines with good motor drive systems. We retrofit your CMM with Renishaw MODUS™ DCC software and replace the controller, amplifiers, joystick box and computer. This restores your CMM to state-of-the-art equipment. It will increase productivity, extend the life of the CMM and increase the CMM's accuracy with volumetric error compensation.

MODUS™ The Genius Is In Its Simplicity

No other system can offer you cost effective, advanced performance to keep you in control, even on highly complex jobs, day after day. All these features are standard on MODUS™.

  • Conditional/Variable Capabilities
  • Automatic Part Programming
  • Random Multiple Part Placement
  • Point & Click Editing
  • Interactive Graphical Part View
  • Form Indication/Statistics
  • Unlimited Feature Storage
  • Polar/Cartesian Coordinate Systems
  • CAD Interface (Export to /DXF)
  • Data Export (DDE)
  • Group Tolerancing
  • Multiple Reference Frames
  • 3D Measure Magic® (pat. pending)
  • Inch/Metric Conversion


Computer Specifications

Connection for: XYZ Inputs
Connection for: Touch Probe Inputs
Connection for: Remote Foot Switch
RAM: 256MB*
Floppy Disk: 3.5″ 1.44 MB*
Hard Drive: 10 GB*
CD ROM Drive: 48X IDE*
Monitor: 17″ Multimedia Super VGA*
Mouse: Mouse and Mouse Pad Included
Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT

* Computer and monitor specifications are subject to change, other computer peripheral options available, ask you salesperson for more information

Point and Click Simplicity

MODUS™ utilizes the strength of the Windows 7 operating system and allows you to make the most precise measurements using its interactive graphical user interface. Do you want the intersecting lines between two planes? Simply click on the “planes” in the Part View window and the line appears with all of its coefficients displayed in the easy to read Results window. Add the “point and click” ease of Windows and our unique Measure Magic® functionality and you can probe all the part characteristics without even touching the computer.