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FixLogix modular fixture systems simplify part-holding for inspection and assembly. Infinite adjustability lets you put locating components where you need them without restriction. FixLogix costs a fraction of the price of competing systems, providing the most versatile and economical system on the market today. Our systems are available in English or Metric. Laser engraved fixture plates with reference scales and alpha-marked T-slots make repeat setups fast and simple. Self-wedging tension clamps are extremely rigid, yet allow for near zero clamping force. Slotted risers & cross-slides with reference scales provide infinite linear and angular adjustability in multiple axis. 1/4-20 threads cross-compatible with many other systems.

Pick A Plate

12″x 12″: $158.00 12″ x 18″: $220.00
12″ x 24″: $275.00 18″ x 18″: $300.00
18″ x 24″: $397.00 24″ x 24″: $495.00
24″ x 30″: $620.00 24″ x 36″: $740.00
24″ x 48″: $1000.00 36″ x 48″: $1455.00
36″ x 60″: $1805.00 42″ x 72″: $2575.00

Pick A Component Kit

Standard Component kit
#CCK1 Price: $1049.00

Small part component kit
#CCK-75S Price: $920.00

FixLogix CMM component kits are comprehensive, yet economical.

The kits feature stainless steel and hard anodized components to reduce wear and corrosion. Our components are modeled 3D in CAD, and files are available. Save major time and money on frequent repeat setups with our Rapid turn-key CMM fixtures. A typical semi-dedicated fixture using FixLogix standard components on a 12″ x 12″ plate can be shipped in 24-48 hours, at a typical cost of $350-$500!