TP6 / TP6A Touch Probe


The TP6 and TP6A offers a more robust probe option with the same repeatability of a TP2 or TP20. CMMs in harsher environments or with multiple users that are concerned about probe life may benefit from the TP6 durability.

TP6 Touch probe: $3680 TP6A Touch Probe  $3810 Call 800-648-6944

TP6 touch probe is a single piece sensor adapts to any M8 thread probe head. The TP6A has an autojoint connection for use with PH6M, MIH and PH10M probe heads. Both TP6 options use M3 threaded styli

  • Sense Directions: 5-Way: +/- X, +/- Y,+Z
  • 2σ Uni-Directional Repeatability: 0.35 microns
  • Pre-Travel Variations: +/- 1.0 microns
  • Stylus Force Range: 10-30g
  • Stylus Overtravel:
    • XY Plane +/- 22 degrees
    • + Z Axis 6.5 mm @12g    3.0 mm @ 30g

  • Mounting: TP6 – M8 Thread
    • TP6A – Autojoint
  • Suitable Interfaces: PI4, PI7, PI9, PI200
  • Stylus Thread Size: M3
  • Test Conditions: 21mm stylus @ 8mm/s with trigger force of 11-13 g