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  • PH1 Manual Probe Head


    A swivel head, adjustable in both the A and B axes, with limited overtravel protection. For M8 Thread Probes.



    Pre-Owned/Certified $950

  • Renishaw MH20i


    Indexing probe Head with Integrated TP20 Repeatable Indexing Head integrated with TP20 for use with interchangeable’ Stylus Modules

  • RENISHAW MH8 Indexable Probe Head


    A-B axis Repeatable, indexable probe head with Integrated TP20 Touch Probe. Includes your choice of Low, Standard, Medium or Extended Force Module

  • RENISHAW MIH Indexable Head w/DRO


    A-B Axis Repeatable, Indexable probe head with programmable digital readout. The MIH can record up to 19 head moves without having to redatum the probe. A-1070-0003

    • New at $7,780
    • Pre-Owned/Certified at $3,995 (when available)