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  • 1″ Adjustable Datum Ball System


    Set includes:
    Datum Ball, Pivot Pillar, Base, Spanner, Calibration Certificate and Mahogany Box.

    Requires appropriate mounting stud.


  • 75mm Extension for Datum Ball System


    Extends height of pillar 75mm (2.96″)

  • CMM Origin (Datum) Spheres

    Origin or Datum Spheres are used to qualify or calibrate the CMM measuring tool, whether it be a touch probe stylus or optical sensor

    CMM Technology offers several options for origin spheres and accessories

    Specials can be quoted, expect over 6 weeks for delivery on specials

  • Probe Calibration Spheres

    Origin / Characterization / Datum Spheres

    *Each Origin Sphere comes with double sided mounting screw, Please advise table or mounting
    thread size: (8mm 10mm 12mm ¼-20 3/8-16 5/16-18 ½-13)