The robust construction structure and the complete system of protection of the structure through guards and bellows, allow the KRONOS series to operate in different types of environments, from the Metrological Room to the production environments.

This CMM is equipped with a portable lever unit for the manual control of the motorized movement (Arkey). The KRONOS series is also available in the NT version, equipped with the innovative Silicon Carbide spindle for even better metrology performances.

The Large Size and structural rigidity of the KRONOS series makes it particularly suitable for the use of 5-axis scanning systems as well as other sensor types and probe change racks.

The Coord3 Kronos series come with Renishaw UCC Controls with a Temperature compensation system. The system automatically corrects errors caused by variations in ambient temperatures in the temperature range 16-26°C.

The Kronos models comes with Renishaw manual or motorized head including scanning options

Kronos is available in versions with 1500 mm through 2000mm bridge widths and can be configured with table travel lengths past 3000mm

Product Specifications

Size Range:X Travel: 1300mm through 3000mm + (Table Axis)
Y Travel: 1500mm up to 2000mm (Beam Axis)
CMM Type:DCC /CNC configuration only
Control System:Renishaw Universal CMM Controller with i++ communication
Software:CMM Manager, Verisurf, Modus or any customer provided i++ Software
Probe System:Any Renishaw Manual Probe or 3 & 5 Axis Touch or Scanning Motorized probe system. Optional Non- Contact probing
CMM Options:Fixturing Systems, Temperature Comp, Probe Rack, Video Probe*, Laser Scanner* Rotary Table. *Systems may require additional hardware and or software