TP200 / TP200B Touch Probe


The TP200 or TP200B can be used on any M8 threaded probe head and has 2 magnetic stylus modules options. For the highest accuracy the TP200 Touch probe utilizes a strain gauge technology vs. the kinematic sensor of the TP20.

  •  TP200 with 1 Module  $4,325   (Save $406 over List)
  •  PI200-3 Interface   $805
  •  TP200 Modules  $705 ea

TP200 and TP200B High Accuracy Touch Probe

The TP200 body incorporates micro strain gage transducers delivering excellent repeatability and accurate 3D from measurement- even with long styli. The TP200 has submicron triggering performance over millions of points and eliminates the lobing characteristics found with kinematic prob sensors. The TP200B variant offers higher tolerance to vibrations that may cause a “air trigger”

The stylus module is connected to the probe body by a highly repeatable magnetic coupling, which allows the exchange of modules without the need to requalify. The probe body has a standard M8 connector, which enables simple fitment to all probe heads with M8 internal threads, or can be used with  a PAA adapter to ‘autojoint’ probe heads like PH6A, PH7 and PH10M

The TP200 requires the use of a PI200 dampening interface sold separately and must be integrated between the CMM controller and Probe controller

The SCR200 is the auto-change rack for use with TP200 and is powered by the PI 200 interface Sensor Directions: 6-Way +/-X, +/-Y, +/- Z

Probe Mounting: M8 Thread

Stylus Thread:

M2 Module Options: Low and Standard Force,

Contact Matt Bradley 949-366-0707 for more details and specifications for each module type and pricing options