TP20/ TP20 NI Touch Probe


New Standard 2-piece Probe Sensor. Change stylus modules without requalification. For use with any M8 Probe Head. Direct replacement for old TP2 Probe. Several Stylus Module Force options available including Extensions

Special Discount pricing !!
  • TP20 with 1 module   — $2,200
  • TP20 with 2 modules — $2,750
  • TP20 with 3 modules — $3,300

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TP20 and TP20 NI Touch Probe with Quick Change Stylus Modules

The TP20 is a 5-way or 6-Way kinematic Touch Trigger probe. Its 2 piece design is composed of a probe Body and detachable stylus modules that allow its users the ability to change stylus configurations, either manually or automatically without requalifying. A direct replacement for the industry standard TP2, the

TP20 probe is easily retrofitted to both manual and DCC CMMs.

The stylus module is connected to the probe body by a highly repeatable magnetic coupling, which allows the exchange of modules without the need to requalify. The probe body has a standard M8 connector, which enables simple fitment to all probe heads with M8 internal threads, or can be used with a PAA adapter to ‘autojoint’ probe heads like PH6A, PH7 and PH10M

The TP20 can be used with an MCR20 Probe Change Rack and will become inhibited by the rack’s magnet so false triggers will not happen during auto-change.  The TP20 NI body is “non-Inhibit for use around magnetic parts or fixturing so it cannot be sued with the MCR20 Rack. A TCR20 Rack can be used as it does not have magnetic inhibiting, but utilizes the controller to disable the TP20 at that location.

Sensor Directions:
5 Way +/-X, +/-Y, +Z 6-Way +/-X, +/-Y, +/- Z

Probe Mounting :
M8 Thread

Stylus Thread:

Module Options:
Low, Standard, Medium, Extended
6-Way, EM1 and EM2 Extensions

Contact Matt Bradley 949-366-0707 for more details and specifications for each module type and pricing options