RENISHAW MH8 Indexable Probe Head


A fully indexable and repeatable probe head with M8 thread.

The new Renishaw MH8 Probe Head combines all the features of the popular MIP probe, like 168 repeatable indexing positions over two axis and compact size, but allows you to use your existing M8 thread touch probes like the the TP2. The MH8 allows you to qualify the probe once and then then index the head without requalifying. The M8 mount allows you to use extensions for hard to probe features. The MH8 does not require batteries and will work on all virtually all CMM applications.

MH8 (Manual Indexable Head) SPECIFICATIONS:

A manually indexable probe head with repeatable indexing eliminates the need to requalify
stylus tip position after orientation. The MH8 can be used with TP6 probe directly of TP2
probe with up to 50mm extension. Easy upgrade because there is no need for special
software, cabling or electronics.

  • 2(sigma) Positional Repeatability: 1.5 microns
  • Probe Status Indication: 1 LED
  • Cable Connection: 5 pin DIN type connector
  • A Axis Indexing: 0 degrees to 90 degrees in 15 degree steps = 7 positions
  • B Axis Indexing: +/- 180 degrees in 15 degree steps = 24 positions
  • Total Number of Positions: 168
  • Maximum Support Capability: TP6 mounted directly
  • TP2 with PEL 1 50mm extension
  • Probe Mounting: M8
  • Mounting Options: Shank to suit your CMM

(Shown with probe and stylus-not included)