Tsunami CMM Filter and Dryer Systems

Tsunami Brand compressed air solutions. 35 years of manufacturing high-quality and cutting-edge air filtration and drying systems.

Compressed Air Solutions

  • Water Separators
  • Oil Coalescing Filters
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Membrane Driers
  • Pur Regenerative Driers
  • Wall, Tank & Rail Mount Driers
  • Grade D Breathing Air Systems
  • Air Lubricators – Oilers
  • Air Utility Stations
  • Regulators & Gages
  • Pneumatic & Electronic Drains
  • Service Parts

Contact Matt Bradley at CMM Technology for complete Line of Tsunami products and pricing 949-366-0707  mbradley@cmmtechnology.com

CT-TBF 9045Tsunami Basic CMM Filter – 2 Stage
20 CFM Water Separator, Coalescing Filter, Regulator/Gage
CT-TPM 0965Tsunami Precision Membrane Drier – 4 Stage
20 CFM Water Separator, Coalescing Filter, Activated Carbon
Membrane Drier, Electronic Drain, Regulator/Gage
CT-P5 9920Tsunami Pur 5 Regenerative Drier
15 CFM 5 HP Regenerative Molecular Sieve Drier 120v
Prefilter 20 CFM Water Separator and Coalescing Filter