RENISHAW Small CMM Checking Gauge


Allows rapid, automatic volumetric accuracy evaluation of CMM’s with a measuring cube of up to 1 meter. Check your CMM between calibrations.



It’s a common problem. You have your CMM calibrated once a year, but how good is it doing right now? Who’s checking the checker?. Don’t take the chance of approving bad parts or rejecting good ones, with the Renishaw® CMM Machine Checking Gage you can check the accuracy of your CMM everyday.

In as little as 15 minutes on a DCC machine (longer on manual CMM’s or under joystick control), the MCG will check volumetric accuracy, as well as, checks on squareness, straightness and roll. It’s modular design allows you to construct a gage to measure the specific area your going to use (one part of your machine may be more accurate then another). Most important, you’ll know exactly when a new and expensive calibration visit is required.

The MCG is not only traceable to NIST, formerly the National Bureau of Standards, but it is also used by NIST’s Center for Manufacturing Engineering to determine error sources in CMM’s machine tools and robots.

Total Gaging Error: +/- 0.00002″