M2 STYLI 3mm to 4mm Ball

Highly Spherical Ball Styli are the most common tips for use on CMMs with touch trigger probe systems. The sphericity of the ball and stiffness of the stem are critical for getting the most accurate measurements. The stylus is calibrated for exact diameter and then software compensation creates the measured point at the ball center instead of the surface in contact with the part.


The Styli on this page are 3mm and 4mm. Shorter lengths are most cost effective with Tungsten Carbide stem. Styli longer than 40mm are recommended to be with Ceramic or Carbon Fiber Stems.


Ruby is the most common, very spherical, physically hard and durable ball material. Ruby has exceptional hardness and wear resistance and is the most cost effective.


Silicon Nitride is very smooth surface that offers lower friction when scanning and does not accumulate material as ruby would especially when scanning aluminum


Zirconia is an extremely hard ceramic and has excellent wear resistance. This ball is ideal for scanning steel and cast materials


Diamond is the hardest material and due to the high cost is only for the most demanding scanning applications. Solid diamond is ground to grade 10 and is only available in a few sizes, Diamond coated are more cost effective and ground to Grade 5 – call for options and pricing

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