M2 Cylinder Styli

Cylinder Styli are used for probing holes in sheet metal, pressed components and thin work pieces that cannot be measured easily with ball styli. In addition, Inside thread diameters can be probed and the center of tapped holes located. Though cylinders typically have a rounded end, but they cannot be accurately used in place of a spherical styli. Th exception is a  Precision Ball ended cylinder styli. There are only a few options but will allow  full datuming and proving in X, Y and Z directions thus allowing surface inspections to be carried out.


To calibrate a cylinder stylus, it’s important to modify the use of the Origin Sphere so the hemispherical end of the cylinder stylus is always above the equator of the origin sphere


Key:     D = Cylinder Diameter   L1 = Overall Length
L2 =  Effective Working length

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