• ACC2-2 Autochange Controller Unit


    The ACC2-2 handles the communications to and from the CMM controller, controls the ACR1 Autochange rack and multiplexes and interfaces the head and datum probe signals.

    Data transmission Serial RS232, Parallel IEEE

    User definable parameters
    Serial: Baud Rate 300 – 19200
    Parallel: address, parallel poll bit

    Voltage range: 85 – 264v 50/60 Hz Automatic selection

    Weight (g) 3.85
    Length (mm) 220
    Height (mm) 88
    Width (mm) 289.3

  • HCU2 Probe Hand Control Unit


    A hand held, manual head drive unit for use with PHC10-2 and PHC50 motorised head controllers. It allows an operator to manually change the orientation of the head without the need for sending commands through the CMM controller. This is invaluable when:

    • programming an inspection routine (through teach cycle programming),
    • utilising operator controlled “manual” inspection methods.


    • A and B axis current position display
    • A and B axis move direction buttons
    • 2 speed action (jog and rapid move)
    • Transmit button for teach cycle programming
    • Status and error LED
  • PHC10-2 Probe Head Control – IEEE (Used)


    The PHC10-2 controls any one of the PH10T, PH10M or PH10MQ heads based on commands recieved from either the CMM controller or the HCU1 (if fitted). In addition to this, the PHC10-2 interrogates the head and reports back:

    • the heads A and B positions,
    • any problems found

    The PHC10-2 does not process any of the probe sensor signals. These are railed clean
    through through the heads axes and controller to the probe interface.

    Data transmission RS232 or IEEE

    User definable parameters

    • Serial Baud rate 300 – 19200 parallel address, parallel poll bit
    • Current Consumption: (at 240V) less than 500mA
    • Voltage range: 85-264V 47/66Hz automatic selection
    • Input connectors: 15 way ‘D’
    • Probe output connectors: 7 pin DIN or 9 way ‘D’ type
    • Mounting: rack mounted or stand alone
    • Hand control unit: HCU1 only

    Weight (g) 2860
    Length (mm) 220
    Height (mm) 88
    Width (mm) 289.3