TP7M High Accuracy Touch Probe


High accuracy strain gauge probe for FMS
and automated systems. The TP7M must be
used with either the PH10M probe head or a
PH6M fixed head.




The TP7M uses strain gauge technology which provides higher accuracy than standard touch trigger probes, The TP7M is a multi-wired probe and must be used with the PH10M motorised probe head or the PH6M fixed probe head. It is autojointed, which provides the autochange function required on many DCC CMMs.

Principal Application: FMS and automated systems
Mounting: Multiwired autojoint
Suitable interface: PI 7-2
Sense directions: 6 axis ±X, ±Y, ±Z

2sigma at stylus tip
Trigger 1 0.25µm 0.00001in
Low force 0.25µm 0.00001in

Pre-travel variation (XY Plane)
Trigger 1 ±0.25µm ±0.00001in
Low force ±0.50µm ±0.00002in

Extended force
Trigger Force XY Plane 0.02N 0.07oz
Low force

Trigger Force Z Axis 0.15N 0.53oz
Low force

Overtravel Force XY Plane 0.78N 2.75oz
Low force

Overtravel Force Z Axis 11.75N 41.44oz

Test conditions:
Stylus length 50mm 1.97in
Stylus velocity 480mm/min 18.90in/min
Stylus force
Max extension on 200mm 7.87in

Weight (g) 85
Height (mm) 52