TP20 Probe with Quickchange Modules

Change styli without requalifying.
Compatible with TP2 and TP6 Probes.
Comes with one standard and one medium force stylus module.


Special Discount pricing !!
• TP20 with 1 module — $2,200
• TP20 with 2 modules — $2,750
• TP20 with 3 modules — $3,300



One of the most common sources of error on standard design touch probes is when using long styli. That requires a manual adjustment of the probe’s triggering force to compensate for the leverage of the stylus. Often the trigger force is not adjusted at all, or is not reduced when a shorter stylus is remounted. The TP20 provides three quick-change stylus modules, preset with trigger forces required for 10mm, 25mm and 50mm long styli.

TP20 is a new kinematic touch trigger probe that gives its users the ability to change stylus configurations, either manually or automatically without requalifying. A direct replacement for the industry standard TP2, the TP20 system is easily retrofitted to both manual and DCC co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) with existing TP2 or TP6 installations.

The TP20 probe consists of two parts – a probe body and a detachable probe module that contains the kinematic touch sensor and carries the stylus assembly. The module is connected to the probe body by a highly repeatable magnetic coupling, which allows the exchange of modules without the need to requalify. The probe body has a standard M8 screw connector, which enables simple fitment to all CMMs with a Renishaw M8 probe head, including PH6, MH8 and PH9. Fitment to ‘autojoint’ probe heads is also possible with a suitable Renishaw ‘PAA’ adaptor.

The new optional MCR20 Module Change Rack, stores up to 6 probe modules, enabling automatic changing of different stylus configurations under measurement program control. Probe triggers are inhibited during module changing by a proximity switch system, which eliminates the need for an electrical connection to the MCR20.

The TP20 system extends the availability of fast stylus changing to users of manual CMMs and, with software available from suppliers of CMMs, facilitates automatic changing in most current TP2 or TP6 applications on automated machines.

Sense Directions: 5 Way +/-X, +/-Y, +Z
Mounting Options: M8 Thread
Stylus Thread Size: M2
Suitable Interfaces: PI4, PI4-2, PI6, PI7, PI200

Standard Medium Extended

  • Unidirectional Repeatability 2(sigma): 0.35 0.50 0.65
  • 2D Form Measurement Deviation: +/-0.8 +/-1.0 +/-2.0
  • Test Conditions: Steel 10mm long, 4mm ball stylus. Trigger speed 8mm/s
  • Trigger Force (XY): 8g 10g 10g
  • Nominal at Stylus Tip (Z): 75g 190g 320g
  • Overtravel Force (XY): 20-30g 20-40g 20-50g
  • Maximum at Stylus Tip (Z): 350g 700g 1000g
  • Overtravel (XY): +/-14 degrees +/-14 degrees +/-14 degrees
  • Displacement (Z): 4.0mm 3.7mm 2.4mm