TP2-5W Touch Probe


The Industry Standard for most CMM applications. Its compact dimensions are ideal for probing into restricted features. Works well with probe extensions.

CMM Technology, Inc. has factory remanufactured TP2-5W Probes for $2,100.00.
Part: A-1041-1890

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TP2 5-Way is the industry standard probe for most CMM applications. It’s compact dimensions  are ideal for probing into restricted component features.

  • Sense Directions: 5-Way: +/- X,Y,+Z
  • 2(sigma) Uni-Directional Repeatability: 0.35 microns
  • Pre-Travel Variations: +/- 0.80 microns
  • Stylus Force Range: 7-15g
  • Stylus Overtravel: XY Plane +/- 14 degrees
  • + Z Axis 4.5 mm @7g
  • 3.0 mm @ 15g
  • Max. Extension on: PH9 200mm
  • PH10M 300mm
  • Suitable Interfaces: PI4, PI7, PI9
  • Stylus Thread Size: M2
  • Mounting Options: M8 thread
  • Test Conditions: 10mm stylus @ 8mm/s with trigger force of 7-8 g