M2 Disc Styli

These styli are ‘sections’ of highly spherical balls used to probe undercuts and grooves within bores, which may be inaccessible to star styli.

Although probing with the “spherical edge” of a simple disc is effectively the same as probing on or about the equator of a large stylus ball, only a small area of this ball surface is available for contact. Hence thinner discs require careful angular alignment to ensure correct contact of the disc surface with the feature being probed.

Disc may also have an M2 threaded centre to allow the fixing of a centre stylus, giving the additional flexibility of probing the bottom of deep bores (where access for the disc may be limited).

Disc styli are available in various diameters and thicknesses and can be made from steel, ceramic or ruby. Disc styli are not generally recommended for use on machine tools.

m2-5_disc_ref-831_140x130 M2 Thread 5mm Disk M2-5-831 Disk

M2 Thread 6MM Disk M2-6-270 Disk

270r M2 Thread 6MM Ruby Disk M2-6-270R Disk
A -5000 -3611

827 M2 Thread 6MM Disk M2-6-827 Disk

m2-8-832-disk_part_pic_204x159 M2 Thread 8MM Disk M2-8-832 Disk

M2 Thread 10MM Disk M2-10-833 Disk

M2 Thread 10MM Disk M2-10-828 Disk

m2-12-829_part_pic_197x150 M2 Thread 12MM Disk M2-12-829 Disk
A -5004 -1395

m2-18-834-disk_179x121 M2 Thread 18MM Disk M2-18-834 Disk

m2-18-2.3-disk_155x99 M2 Thread 18MM Disk M2-18 Disk

 813 M2 Thread 18MM Disk M2-18-813 Disk
M -5000 -7809

271 M2 Thread 18MM Disk M2-18-271 Disk

M2 Thread 18MM Disk M2-18-826 Disk

 814 M2 Thread 25MM Disk M2-25-814 Disk
A -5000 -7810

272 M2 Thread 25MM Disk M2-25-272 Disk